Create a Charming Antique Bedroom Like This With These 6 Ideas

The inspiration for a charming antique bedroom comes from a room in Museum van Loon.

The Schaapjes Kamer, or “Sheep Room,” in the Museum Van Loon is a charming and historic room located in the Van Loon House in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The Museum Van Loon is a museum housed in a grand 17th-century canal-side mansion that was once the residence of the Van Loon family, one of Amsterdam’s patrician families. The Schaapjes Kamer is one of the many beautifully preserved rooms within the museum.

The room is named the “Sheep Room” because of the pastoral and whimsical painted mural that adorns the walls. The mural features a landscape with sheep grazing on lush green hills, which creates a tranquil and idyllic atmosphere. The mural and the room’s decor reflect the Dutch tradition of creating decorative rooms within grand houses during the Golden Age.

1. Wallpaper

Creating an antique bedroom using wallpaper can be a wonderful way to add character, warmth, and a sense of history to your space. Here is a selection of beautiful wallpaper prints to achieve this antique look:

2. Matching Wallpaper and Prints

Matching wallpaper and prints in an antique bedroom can create a cohesive and harmonious design that enhances the overall aesthetic.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to use matching wallpaper and prints in an antique bedroom depends on your personal taste and the specific style you want to achieve. It’s important to find the right balance to create a space that is visually pleasing, comfortable, and reflective of your design preferences.

3. Chairs

Chairs in antique bedrooms play a crucial role in both functionality and aesthetics. Antique bedrooms often have a unique charm and style, and choosing the right chairs can enhance the overall ambiance of the room.

Consider using materials and upholstery that complement the antique theme. Wooden chairs with ornate carvings and plush, fabric upholstery can be a good choice. Velvet, silk, or brocade fabrics often work well in antique bedrooms.

Using a Chesterfield chair in an antique bedroom can be an excellent choice, as it combines classic design with comfort and elegance. The Chesterfield chair is known for its distinctive tufted leather upholstery, rolled arms, and nailhead trim, making it a classic piece of furniture that complements many antique bedroom styles.

Remember that the key to a successful antique bedroom design is balance. While antique chairs can add character and charm to the space, you should avoid overcrowding the room. The chairs should enhance the overall aesthetic without making the room feel cramped. Careful selection and placement of chairs can help create a beautiful and functional antique bedroom.

4. Persian Carpets

Persian carpets, known for their intricate designs and luxurious textures, can make a stunning addition to an antique bedroom. They come in various designs, including floral, geometric, and pictorial motifs. Select a design that harmonizes with the existing decor and furniture. In the Schaapjeskamer the patterns on the Persian carpets have more of a tribal, symmetrical and muted vibe to compliment the business of the wallpaper.

Below is a lovely selection of Persian carpets that are inspired by the interior in the Schaapjeskamer. Scroll right to view.

5. A statement mirror

Select a statement mirror that complements the antique theme of the bedroom. Look for mirrors with ornate frames, intricate details, and vintage finishes.

Consider the size of the mirror in relation to the wall space and the rest of the furniture. The mirror should be large enough to make an impact but not overpower the room. Common placement options include:

  • Above the dresser or vanity: A statement mirror above a dressing table can create a glamorous and functional space for getting ready.
  • Above the bed: A mirror as a headboard can be a striking and unconventional choice, especially in smaller bedrooms, as it visually enlarges the space.
  • On a prominent wall: If you have a blank wall, a statement mirror can fill the space and serve as a focal point.

Scroll right to view this lovely selection available to shop on Etsy and other outlets.

6. Chandeliers and lamps

Chandeliers and lamps play a crucial role in lighting and enhancing the ambiance of antique bedrooms. These lighting fixtures not only provide illumination but can also contribute to the overall aesthetic and style of the room.

Antique table lamps with ornate bases and vintage lampshades can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Consider lamps with brass or bronze finishes, ceramic, or glass bases that match the room’s decor.

The most common location for an antique chandelier is in the center of the room, directly above the bed. It can serve as a stunning focal point and a source of ambient lighting.

Crystal chandeliers, known for their exquisite beauty, are often associated with formal antique decor. Their sparkling crystals can add a touch of glamour and opulence to the room.

Scroll right to view this beautiful selection of chandeliers

More items for a charming antique bedroom

Incorporating these six ideas can transform your bedroom into a charming antique sanctuary, rich in history and character.

The careful selection of antique furniture, lights, coordinated wallpaper and prints, the addition of a Chesterfield chair, a Persian carpet, and a statement mirror can infuse your space with timeless elegance!

By harmonizing the elements, considering functionality, and staying true to your personal style, you can create a bedroom that not only honors the past but also provides a warm and inviting haven for rest and relaxation.

Embrace the beauty of bygone eras and let your antique bedroom become a reflection of your love for history and timeless design!


*For more lovely wallpaper designs check out ‘papillonpatterns’ on Instagram. I really like some of the designs 🙂

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