When in Doubt Throw on One of These Timeless Blazers

Last updated: October 18th 2023

Nothing pulls an outfit together quicker than a timeless blazer in my opinion! When in doubt throw on one of these timeless blazers!

Whether you’re prepping for a special event or aiming for that polished everyday appearance, blazers are your trusty companions. In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to a selection of classic blazers that will become your fashion safety net.

(I have these colors in my own wardrobe as well!)

1. The Navy Blazer with Gold Buttons

A Navy blazer with Gold Buttons is essential for a timeless wardrobe. I’ve probably worn my navy blazer the most, just because I can so easily dress it up or down and the gold buttons just makes the garment pop! Scroll right to see a selection in various prices and styles.

2. A Houndstooth/Checkered Blazer

For a preppy sort of look, I love a good houndstooth/checkered blazer! They go well with tailored pants as well as jeans and a simple T-shirt. (Do they ever go out of style?)

Neutral Blazer Essentials

3. Camel/Taupe/ Neutral Blazer

These classy colors look really nice with blacks, whites and pastel/dusty pinks and purples, as well as cranberry and navy and of course Jeans! Karen Millen often has a really nice selection of blazers as well.

4. The Black Blazer

The Black Blazer is as important as the little black dress. I can’t mention enough how many times a black blazer has saved my outfit from disaster! Good black blazers are definitely worth the investment!

5. The Color Pop Blazer

A color pop timeless blazer is a must have in a any wardrobe. A bright blazer is useful for festive days, for making a statement and just because they are fun! My favorite color pop blazer is a Fuchsia Pink item which I bought at Zara years ago, and I still wear it very often.

I really hope you liked my selection of timeless blazers! If you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Just pop your thoughts in the comments box below. Click here for more timeless, classic, and comfortable fashion pieces 🙂


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